TRUMPCARE Call to Action

The TRUMPCARE situation IS dire — they are trying to move fast. Even though we have Democratic Senators, we can still make an impact.

1) Check out Indivisible’s TrumpCare Gameplan for lots of helpful information. Then, if you haven’t already called Amy Klobuchar or Al Franken, LET THEM KNOW your concerns.

2) One of the final stages of the TrumpCare bill is a little-known process known as “vote-a-rama” where ANY Senator can submit as many amendments as he or she wants. And here’s the thing: EVERY amendment takes time to be introduced and voted on. Indivisible is collecting THOUSANDS of amendments and submitting them directly to Senate staff.

Please please please: submit your amendments here, and get your friends and family members to submit amendments. We know this is working already. Senators are reading these amendments on the Senate floor. But we need thousands more.

This is about applying your constituent power directly to the process. This tactic can delay the bill and make it more politically painful for Republicans to move forward. It’s not a silver bullet- McConnell and Senate Republicans can still blow up Senate rules and cut off the amendment process. But to do that they’ll have to go on the record literally silencing the victims of TrumpCare in their own states, which they really don’t want to visibly do.

Thank you for taking action,
Your Indivisible Morris Team

Member Meeting


Because there is still work to do, it’s time to stand together once again. We are pleased to announce that Maddy Maxeiner and Nancy Carpenter have joined Judy Flicker and Ann Borman as current co-leaders. This meeting will provide an opportunity to REORGANIZE, REENERGIZE, and RESIST. Everyone welcome!
WHEN: Thursday, June 8 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm
WHERE: Morris Public Library Community Room

Stop Repeal of ACA

*CALL TO ACTION* The House is trying (again) to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and gut Medicaid! Your voice is needed NOW! Another vote is probably coming on AHCA this week, and it’s close. Keep calling. It’s a marathon, but it’s made up of sprints, and this is one.

Representative Colin Peterson
Washington DC: (202) 225-2165
Willmar: (320) 235-1061

Stop the Shutdown


STOP the SHUTDOWN Apr 24, 2017 

The federal government will shut down at midnight Friday if Congress doesn’t pass legislation to keep it funded. Trump wants funding for his border wall added to that legislation, and he’s telling Democrats that he will stop paying ACA subsidies to health insurance companies if they don’t agree to partially fund construction of the wall in this bill.

The Democrats say that they will not vote for a bill that includes funding for the wall. After all, Trump campaigned on a promise that Mexico would pay for the wall, not American taxpayers.

Right now, it seems like the only way to avert a shutdown is to remove the wall funding provision from the bill. We are calling the House first because that’s where the first vote will happen.

“Hi, my name is _____ and my zip code is _____. I’m calling because I want the Congressman to do everything he can to avert the government shutdown that could start on Friday. I do not want a border wall, and I shouldn’t have to pay for it.”

Rep. Collin Peterson
Detroit Lakes: 218-847-5056
D.C.: 202-225-2165
Text RESIST to 50409 to have your message faxed.

Minutes of Indivisible Morris Meeting April 5, 2017

Minutes for Indivisible Morris 

April 5, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Presenting: Judy Flicker, Ann Borman

Ann welcomes group.  Asks that we acknowledge and celebrate our success in defeating the Republican attempt in Congress to repeal the ACA.

Diane Nelson:  According to Fargo radio Colin Peterson would like White House to exempt MN out of ACA.  Diane says that there is a Peterson townhall in Wilmar and Moorhead. Here is link:

Judy: Peterson is a weak link that we need to keep pressure on.

Ann: There are several ways to keep up with Indivisible Morris besides Facebook. Indivisible Morris Facebook  Judy and KK (Kristin Lamberty) have created a MailChimp email list that can send Calls to Action to members (82 so far).  You can subscribe or unsubscribe. There is an Indivisible Morris WordPress Blog. Indivisible Morris WordPress Blog  Calls to Action posted there remain uncluttered with other conversations as sometimes happens on the Indivisible Morris Facebook page. Indivisible Morris also has a Twitter account. 

Judy: Colin Peterson will be in Redwood Falls April 11 with a Farm Bill focus.

Drew Israels-Swenson: March for Science is Saturday, April 22nd at 12:30pm.  This march will coincide with UMM’s undergraduate research presentations –which is a good pairing.  Marching for non-partisan science and facts.  The film, Before the Flood, will be screened at the Morris Theatre and different campus clubs will be there – many will have overlapping agendas with Indivisible Morris.  Make signs and wear brain hats.

KK: Contact me if you have tech ideas.  Mail Chimp to Facebook etc.

Tara (from Glenwood Indivisible): Glenwood/West Central Indivisible hosting a Tax March at 10am on April 15th beginning at the Court House.  Tax postcards can be sent to White House.

Drew: If you feel we aren’t doing anything, do something.  Do a Call to Action!

Ann: Fall back option: go to  for direction.

Windy Roberts: Share posts to yourself so you don’t forget.

Ann: Reach out to others, partner with DFL, Better Angels etc…

Gary Wahl: I heard a podcast on NPR Indivisible about a campaign called “Better Angels” that hopes to reduce polarization and recover the practices of compromise.  Gary would like to look closer at this model with interested people.

Diane: DFL is doing something similar to better angels.

Mary Myers: There is training in Alexandria for “Active Listening” and I will be going tomorrow (Thursday 6).  This will include training on canvassing and door knocking at a different city in a different county each month.

Andrea Pavlicek:  The Day of Silence is at the high school on April 21.  Last year’s “Loud and Proud” opposition is now renamed “Straight Forward”.  We would like people to show support for the GSA by calling the administration.

Ann:  I spoke to the superintendent and he is very open to community support of the GSA.

Andrea: Please call the superintendent more than once.  Parents (parents that do not support the GSA) send kids home because of the Day of Silence.

Next Meeting: TBA

Time to break into small groups:

  1. Publicity
  2. Town Hall with Colin Peterson
  3. Morris Area High School Day of Silence
  4. MN Legislature Actions
  5. Leadership

(Submitted by Anne Hennen Barber and Judy Flicker)

Peterson’s Moorhead Town Hall Recap

By Nicole Mattson

(Thank you to Nicole for her efforts and for sharing with us.)

We had a productive and informative town hall with Rep. Collin Peterson last night. The Congressman took questions on health care for about 90 minutes.

You may recall that Rep. Peterson voted against the Affordable Care Act originally, so it was important for us to learn more about his views on health care as the Republicans in Congress regroup to take another run at repeal and replace. Here is what we learned.

  • Republicans in the House and White House officials have both told Rep. Peterson that they do not want Democratic help on the bill to repeal the ACA. He said they have told him they are willing to work with Democrats on tax reform and infrastructure, but not health care.
  • I asked him to go over what parts of the AHCA he was for and against. He said he does not believe a bill that takes away preexisting conditions, lifetime limits, staying on parents’ insurance until 26, or that block-grants Medicaid would pass Congress. The one thing he liked about the AHCA is that it adds high-risk pools.
  • His main concern with the ACA is that many people on the individual market have premiums and deductibles that are so high that they effectively do not have health insurance because they can’t afford to use it. This is a particular problem for farmers, because they often have to buy their insurance on the individual market.
  • He initially voted against the ACA because he thought it would be worse for Minnesota than the system we already had. He would be willing to consider asking the federal government for a waiver so that Minnesota could go back to our previous system, which he feels worked better.
  • Many people raised “Medicare for All” as the solution to the problems with access to health care. Rep. Peterson said he is not opposed to the idea. There is a bill in Congress that would expand Medicare for everyone, which is sponsored by Rep. Conyers of Michigan. Rep. Peterson said he cannot take a position for or against it until it is scored by the Congressional Budget Office, but that isn’t likely to happen. I asked what would have to happen for the CBO to score it. He said that they only score bills that look like they have a chance of passing, so if the bill had some Republican support they may look at scoring it.
  • Several people told stories of how they and their families rely on Medicare and Medicaid, and how they would be affected negatively by cuts to Medicaid.
  • Toward the end of the town hall, I asked people to raise their hands if they care whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the election. A clear majority of the hands in the room went up. I told Rep. Peterson that I asked because I wanted him to see that.

After this town hall, I think we have much more clarity about Rep. Peterson’s positions on health care. We appreciate that he took the time to come to Moorhead to talk with us, and we hope to meet again soon to discuss other topics.