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Indivisible Meet-Up!



WHEN: Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 7:00 to 9:00 pm

WHERE: Old #1 Bar and Grill, 412 Atlantic Ave, Morris, MN 56267

Indivisible members from all of the groups throughout the area are invited to meet one another and compare plans for the fall. Feel free to share this invitation with other Indivisibles. This event is co-hosted by Indivisible Morris and Indivisible West-Central MN-7. A cash bar will be available, along with light refreshments. Food may be ordered from the menu. Feel free to come and go as your schedule permits. Please come…we want to meet you. Plus, together we can reinforce our active Indivisible network in western MN. Let’s keep our momentum strong.

Stand in Solidarity with Charlottesville: Peaceful Protest for Charlottesville

Indivisible Morris and other community members held a vigil on the Morris Public Library Square, August 13 at 7:00 pm.

Thanks to everyone who organized, made signs, read poetry, and spoke from their hearts about the importance of standing up FOR others. The children and young people who spoke give us strength. There are a thousand steps in this journey. We will take them together. Love. Not H8. Let’s keep America great. Indivisible.
(Thanks to Chrissy for the photos.)

~Maddy Maxeiner, Indivisible Morris Leader

Morris Health Care Forum


Indivisible Morris Meeting Summary, August 9, 2017


Topic:  Health Care


What are our concerns and questions regarding the current efforts to repeal and replace the ACA/Obamacare?

First, what specifically are the problems with the ACA?  Premiums are high, and are increasing.  There is a lack of ready information about where the problems occur so that we can identify how the ACA is not working well, and begin in a bipartisan matter to address how to improve it.  The ACA has done far more good than harm, and the need for ongoing adjustment does not justify its repeal. While Franken and Klobuchar’s support is solid, there is concern about the depth and reliability of Collin Peterson’s support for fixing the ACA.

In our assessment of current problems, It seems that health care costs, in general, are largely driven by two factors:  insurance companies’ profit margins (i.e., middle man, waste, fraud); and drug costs.  In addition, the Trump administration’s ongoing threats to withhold insurance companies’ monthly support payments introduces an intolerable level of uncertainty and forces premiums to rise.

We urge our MOC to adopt an immediate bipartisan approach to fixing the ACA, with both parties offering compromise.  That said, we believe the following conditions are above compromise and should remain safe in any health care negotiations:

  1. Pre-existing conditions coverage must stay.
  2. Maternity care coverage.
  3. Mental health coverage.
  4. Medicaid protection and expansion if needed.
  5. No reduction in number of persons currently covered by ACA.
  6. HIPPA and all patient protections remain.
  7. Government payments guaranteed, if needed, to stabilize the insurance markets until ACA achieves balance between risks and costs.
  8. Assistance to individual consumers with high premiums until market conditions balance out.

Longer term, we favor a single payer, “medicare for all” health care system to cover everyone in the U.S.  Toward that end, we favor a two-pronged approach:

  1. Support a long term plan to achieve national single payer, while immediately fixing ACA to assure its sustainability.  We do not believe the U.S. can change quickly to a single payer system due to many entrenched financial interests.  An interval of government supported transition is needed.
  2. Support efforts in MN to create a state single payer plan (resource: Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition:  http://www.gmhcc.org/.

We believe that health care costs are lower and outcomes better when everyone has insurance.  A report recently published in Bloomberg News* compares the U.S. with 35 other countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  The report finds that the U.S. spends the most of any of the 35 countries, while life expectancy ranks 27th.  Further, the U.S. has the sixth highest maternal mortality rate and the ninth highest likelihood of dying at a younger age from a host of ailments including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Unlike the other countries in the OECD the U.S. relies on voluntary health insurance to fund health care costs, with public health insurance accounting for 27% of all coverage.  By contrast, the 10 countries in the OECD with the highest life expectancy depend on voluntary insurance for an average of less than 6% of costs.  Government spending accounts for nearly half.

* Bloomberg.com, August 2, 2017, by Laurie Meisler

As Indivisible, we are committed to communicating with our MOC, our local legislators, and our local health care system leadership about our concerns.  It is also important to express our thanks to our Senators Franken and Klobuchar and our 7th district congressman, Collin Peterson, for their recent votes against TrumpCare, and to communicate to them our ongoing support for a bipartisan approach to improving the ACA to create a sustainable health care system for all.

Submitted by Maddy Maxeiner


TRUMPCARE Call to Action

The TRUMPCARE situation IS dire — they are trying to move fast. Even though we have Democratic Senators, we can still make an impact.

1) Check out Indivisible’s TrumpCare Gameplan for lots of helpful information. Then, if you haven’t already called Amy Klobuchar or Al Franken, LET THEM KNOW your concerns.

2) One of the final stages of the TrumpCare bill is a little-known process known as “vote-a-rama” where ANY Senator can submit as many amendments as he or she wants. And here’s the thing: EVERY amendment takes time to be introduced and voted on. Indivisible is collecting THOUSANDS of amendments and submitting them directly to Senate staff.

Please please please: submit your amendments here, and get your friends and family members to submit amendments. We know this is working already. Senators are reading these amendments on the Senate floor. But we need thousands more.

This is about applying your constituent power directly to the process. This tactic can delay the bill and make it more politically painful for Republicans to move forward. It’s not a silver bullet- McConnell and Senate Republicans can still blow up Senate rules and cut off the amendment process. But to do that they’ll have to go on the record literally silencing the victims of TrumpCare in their own states, which they really don’t want to visibly do.

Thank you for taking action,
Your Indivisible Morris Team

Member Meeting


Because there is still work to do, it’s time to stand together once again. We are pleased to announce that Maddy Maxeiner and Nancy Carpenter have joined Judy Flicker and Ann Borman as current co-leaders. This meeting will provide an opportunity to REORGANIZE, REENERGIZE, and RESIST. Everyone welcome!
WHEN: Thursday, June 8 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm
WHERE: Morris Public Library Community Room

Stop Repeal of ACA

*CALL TO ACTION* The House is trying (again) to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and gut Medicaid! Your voice is needed NOW! Another vote is probably coming on AHCA this week, and it’s close. Keep calling. It’s a marathon, but it’s made up of sprints, and this is one.

Representative Colin Peterson
Washington DC: (202) 225-2165
Willmar: (320) 235-1061